API Service
Scalable EOS API for dApps

EOS Tribe provides scalable, reliable and secure access to EOS network API via single https://api.eostribe.io endpoint.

Benefits of using our services:

  • * SLA with 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • * Full EOS History API from block #1.
  • * Easy and secure access to chain data.
  • * Running on enterprise grade server infrastructure.
  • * Built by professionals working on EOS infrastructure from day 1.

Available API Subscription Packages

EOS RPC API Reference Guide

How to subscribe and renew API key


1. Before calling subscription service customer needs to send EOS payment to 'eostribeapis' indicating chosen subscription package in memo:

$ cleos transfer [account] eostribeapis "20.0000 EOS" "L1" 

2. After transaction is confirmed on the network - user needs to send a POST request to:

$ curl -d '{ "account": "[account]", "transaction": "57db1a072b1786087cb16e916791ac1f8cf586d964e85b4b192e847896a9998d", "secret":"[password]"}' 
-X POST https://api.eostribe.io/subscribe 

3. The server will validate transaction, take account and password hash and sign the result with the server private key, and return back API key:

    "token": "SIG_K1_JyeT4u3JQa1DQRiumE7PMmorc41y9S8qv3ezg4NpH4RivnsJnZYgsECM54BSUwvBUwcMNGqdTrQjr7E9gWFhpsUd8H3ouK",
    "expiration": "2019-03-15T07:00:00.000+0000",
    "plan": "L1",
    "message": "API subscription key issued and registered."

4. Use token portion in Authorization Http-Header to access https://api.eostribe.io endpoint.

 Authorization: SIG_K1_JyeT4u3JQa1DQRiumE7PMmorc41y9S8qv3ezg4NpH4RivnsJnZYgsECM54BSUwvBUwcMNGqdTrQjr7E9gWFhpsUd8H3ouK 
 Example: curl -X POST http://api.eostribe.io/v1/history/get_transaction -d '{"id": "57db1a072b1786087cb16e916791ac1f8cf586d964e85b4b192e847896a9998d"}' 
	-H 'Authorization: SIG_K1_JyeT4u3JQa1DQRiumE7PMmorc41y9S8qv3ezg4NpH4RivnsJnZYgsECM54BSUwvBUwcMNGqdTrQjr7E9gWFhpsUd8H3ouK'

Access token is effective immediately after issue

Expiration date is calculated based on amount paid and subsciption cost for package selected. User can pay prorated payment for a few days or months ahead - expiration will be set accordingly.

Please note that while we use password to calculated signed hash - we are not storing it for security purposes. Hence user needs to remember his password in order to renew his subscription token.

Calling subscribe endpoint repeatedly with the same request will effectivly work as GET and return the token back.


Renew expiring token at any point of time (before or after expiration date) is easy by first sending a new EOS payment to 'eostribeapis'.
Subscription package can be changed at this time as well by setting it in memo field:

 cleos transfer [account] eostribeapis "100.0000 EOS" "L2" 

After transaction is confirmed - make POST request to renew token with original [password] used to subscribe:

 curl -d '{ "account": "[account]", "transaction": "57db1a072b1786087cb16e916791ac1f8cf586d964e85b4b192e847896a9998d", "secret":"[password]"}' 
-X POST https://api.eostribe.io/renew 

The service will validate transaction, update expiration date of the token and return updated token back.
If renewal is made before token is expired - the existing expiration date will be extended.
The signature/token for the same account and password does not change after renewal.

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]
Telegram: https://t.me/EOSTribe